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New Freejump stirrup leathers 4x6

Multiple possibilities of adiustments for optimal precision

4 positions with the stirrup’s bar on the saddle / 6 precision adjustment holes with the stirrup’s eye.

Once placed in one of the 4 positions that better suits you, the 4×6 Stirrup Leathers give you the comfort of a single-strap stirrup leather without a buckle under the saddle’s flap, and ease of precision adjustment thanks to the 6 holes at the stirrups’ level.


Freejump stirrups compatibility.

The extra width of the 4×6 Stirrup Leathers, optimized for the extra wide eye of a CLASSIC or AIR’S Freejump stirrup, allow for unparalleled stability of the stirrup.

The 4×6 stirrup leathers are also compatible with the Freejump SOFT’UP range of stirrups, by recutting the leather following the cutting lines.

Compatible with all other types of stirrups.

The 4×6 Stirrup Leathers can be used on all saddles equipped with open or safety stirrup blades, and with all makes of stirrups, if necessary recutting the leather following the cutting lines.

High technology.

Because in certain situations, the reliability of the material cannot be negotiated, FREEJUMP took inspiration from the most demanding sports by choosing a polyester webbing, DYNEEMA thread and BAR TACK stitchings for the 4 positions of the stirrup knife.

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