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Warranty and returns

Warranty service

Every item sold in online shop has a short description with the list of its main properties. Items for warranty service can be delivered via post or directly to one of the two Horsemarket shops.

If an item is brought back for warranty service due to the manufacturer’s defect and will require shipping of parts/or to be shipped to perform the repairs, the processing time will depend on the manufacturer. In all cases we aim to complete the warranty service within the shortest time possible.

Return of purchased items
Items that were not used, damaged or did not lose their representative quality, can be returned in case they do not fit or no longer satisfy the customer. The customer can return an item within 14 calendar days from the purchase date. On the return the customer is required to have appropriate proof that given item was purchased at the Horsemarket shop. On the return the customer can ask for the item to be replaced with the same item but of different size, color or/and model* (*the customer may be required to cover the price difference). If upon the return seller does not have a replacement, the customer can ask for the item to be refunded. In all cases on the return of the item the customer is required to provide a cash register check or invoice proving the item in question was purchased from In case the customer cannot provide any documents proving the item was purchased from, the seller has a right to refuse refund or replacement of the item. Return costs are at the responsibility of the buyer (unless the buyer has access to OMNIVA parcel services).

If the quality of the purchased item is not satisfactory the customer can request for the item to be replaced with another item, also for the item to be repaired or for partial or full item refund.
In case the customer and seller cannot agree on the quality of the returned item, the customer is required to provide their complaints in writing. The customer has to contact the seller within three months after he/she was informed or should have been informed on violation of his/her rights. The seller is obligated to review the customer's complaint and in case the seller does not agree with the customer’s requirements the seller has to provide a written answer within 14 days of receipt of the customer’s complain.

In countries where OMNIVA parcel service is in operation, the goods can be returned via this service:

Any disputes between the seller and the customer will be managed according to the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The return of the purchased items is managed according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania injunction Nr 258 by Minister of Economy announced on 17th of August, 2001 and injunction Nr 217 by Minister of Economy announced on June 29th 2001.

Further information on items in stock and their return can be requested via phone: +370 655 99906 or via email:
If you have any problems with ordered goods or have any complaints, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!
If you've had a problem with something you bought online, you can use this site to try to reach an out-of-court settlement. 

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