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The company’s philosophy is grounded in the respect and valorisation of ancient recipes and natural traditions, combined with modern research and knowledge. For this very reason, horses and riders all over the world value Bio Care Line products for their high quality and efficacy.
Since the 1990s Veredus has been developing the Horse Boots segment, passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse protections: advanced technology, cutting-edge raw materials, accuracy and attention to detail are the elements that make the Veredus Horse Boots Line unique.
Our last challenge was born in 2009 with the footwear division: Guarnieri, the boot that was successfully launched after a careful researching and developing stage lasted more than 2 years and that’s already become a legend among many riders who previously tested it.
Veredus is the official sponsor of Hannover and world leader in high quality sport protections.