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Leovet company was founded by Dr. Ulf Jacoby in 1982
In 1966 Dr. Ulf Jacoby received his licence as a registered pharmacist and in 1969 he was awarded a Ph.D., and then took on an executive position in research in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1974, he took over his parents’ pharmacy in Lahnau and also started keeping horses and riding in shows. His own interest and scientific curiosity, as well as the needs of his customers, led him to found Leovet, a company specialising in horse care products.Top-level research and development

All Leovet products are developed in their own laboratories. Regular quality control checks ensure that their products maintain consistently high standards. The company can guarantee quality because its staff and technical equipment always meet the latest technical and scientific requirements.
What do all Leovet products have in common? They are of the highest quality, fully tested and highly effective. High-quality raw materials are a guarantee of product quality. All natural ingredients meet pharmacopoeial quality.
Leovet horse care products are tailormade to match a horse’s needs. The company offers products for care and sheen, fast regeneration after strenuous exercise, effective fly protection, for hoof and frog care, care of the longhair, skin and coat, supplementary feed, wound care and for the maintenance of equipment.