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Arnold Höveler’s innovation was patented at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin in 1905. With his creation of „Reformhafer (reformoats)“ Arnold Höveler made a breakthrough in the conservative hay-oats-feeding regime with the first patented horse feed in muesli form.
The founder’s philosophy of always adapting his horse feed programme to reflect the latest scientific findings about horses` nutritional needs has been consistently maintained over the past 100 years and continued by the present-day feeding experts. Today Höveler belongs to the largest horse feed manufacturers in Europe.
For many people horses are important life companions. It is due to them that Höveler company was founded in 1905 so they are committed to being at the forefront of progress both through perseverance and innovation, whilst not forgetting their own traditions.
Thus their experience is your guarantee - experience, which can be bought.
Experience which many top stables, stud farms, competition and racing stables, Ingrid Klimke, the Rhineland driving team and, since 2003, the German Olympic Committee for Equestrianism (DOKR) rely on.