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The level of equestrian sports has continued to rise in recent years. The issue of keeping the horse in good physical shape has become a key question in research on horse riding surfaces and protective systems for the legs.

But what about the rider? Just like the horse, the rider also suffers many impacts and his skeleton is put severely to the test. This is evidenced by the many recent injuries to riders (slipped discs, adductor muscle problems, etc.). For this reason, Flex-on now designs products for both horses and their riders.

Innovating to optimize! The Flex-on brand started out as a blend of diverse skills, bringing together technique, research and development, communication and marketing. It offers equestrian sports the very best in terms of stirrups and accessories for horses and riders.

We design, manufacture and market innovative stirrups for equestrian sports, combining design, comfort and performance. With the redesigning of our Aluminium Range, the launch of a Green Composite Range, and a Grand Luxe Range, Flex-on is right in line with the current market trends to meet the needs of all riders.

Each of our products is manufactured in France with care and passion.

This innovative stirrup, with a strong, lightweight design offers:

  • A shock-absorbing system (the tread rests on elastomer springs with "gripp" and "ultra-gripp" technologies)
  • Ergonomic shapes for the tread and the stirrup leather slot
    (both offset and skewed in relation to the stirrup for a better connection with the mount)
  • A unique concept for personalization: My Flex-on 
    (a special location for a personalized sticker, choice of frame colour, etc.)