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FLECK has been supplying top quality riding crops and whips for almost 155 years. Tradition and innovation have always been FLECK's top priorities. The company strives to provide its customers with modern products that meet the latest functional and design standards, while continuing to apply time-tested skills and proven practices. 
FLECK's manufacturing philosophy for riding crops and whips is based on the highest quality and a passion for equestrian sport.
FLECK's goal is to produce unparalleled quality riding crops and whips that meet the needs and expectations of both professional and amateur riders worldwide. FLECK riding crops and whips are born from decades of experience and craftsmanship.
FLECK strictly adheres to standards in its own factory, using only the best materials, insisting on sustainability and resource conservation. The "Made in Germany" label can be found on most FLECK products.
Innovation is the main driver behind the popularity of FLECK riding crops and whips, encouraging the company's dedicated team to further develop the products, to look for new materials, modern trends and innovative designs - in short, that extra touch of exclusivity that gives FLECK products the edge.