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CWD is a premium French brand founded in 1998, manufacturing saddles and other leather riding inventory. The company has the status of Excellence of French Know-How (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EVP)) - this label is a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.

CWD take pride in their highest quality, aesthetically perfect leather goods, therefore their priority is locally grown and produced leather. A Rural Center of Excellence was created for the leather industry to reduce the import of hides while improving the quality of those produced within its territory. In close partnership with the Rural Center of Excellence, CWD uses the best quality leather that is locally sourced to meet their high standards, which which allows for a ready supply of consistent quality leather, and also gives local added value to the products.

The brand has already made its way to the USA market in 2002 and to Germany in 2011. CWD saddles have been used by winning riders in the Olympic games since, and top riders around the world continue to use its products today.

In 2012 the company launched the revolutionary 2Gs technical saddles: their spine made of kevlar and carbon optimizes the flexible and rigid parts, the whole being a non structural component. This makes the 2G’s extremely flexible and dynamic, a game-changer in the senses and function of saddles.

CWD Know-How

“I am convinced that our know-how is our biggest asset. It might be one of the secrets of our success.

Our craftsmen pass on their savoir faire with the same passion for work well-done as their predecessors. Every day, our saddlers repeat the same gestures, patiently and with great precision. The sleight of hand remains the most dependable tool for manufacturing our saddles and the rest of our equipment.

Nonetheless, perpetuating this know-how also means living in harmony with one's era and knowing how and when to be innovative. As the saddler's profession evolves, so CWD's technology workshop turns to novel techniques and quality materials like composite.

Every day the craftsman is faced with problems that require handmade solutions in order to realize the designer's dreams. Today, our age-old profession is made up of leather engineers, couturiers, craftsmen... all of whose trades we take time to embrace, recruiting the very best workers within each field. Success depends first and foremost upon perfectly mastered savoir faire."

Laurent Duray, CEO