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MASH is a blend of cereal flakes to be given after major stress on the body (intense muscular effort, convalescence, days of transport, very hot weather, etc.). It promotes hydration and replenishes energy reserves.

Instructions for use

2 -4 L; 1 -2 times per week

Ponies: 2 L

Small horses & pony Ds: 3 L

Horses: 4 L

The recommended quantities of MASH are provided before adding water.

Mix the recommended quantity of MASH with 2 l of hot water. Leave to swell for ten minutes.
Stir to homogenise.
Leave to cool before giving it to your horse

Give mash once a week, maximum twice a week for convalescing or very active horses.

MASH is composed of:

Highly digestible carbohydrates, to replenish glycogen reserves used up during exercise.

Cereal flakes that soak up water, promoting rehydration

Dried carrot, for palatability

Nettle, known for its detoxifying properties.

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