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Höveler  EF PferdeMüsli

Valuable for energy and diet without oats.

Original EF PferdeMüsli is a welcome alternative to supplements that contain oats. Its main ingredient is shredded grains whose starch is quickly and completely digested in the small intestine. Consequently EF PferdeMüsli can reduce the risk of colic and tympanites (a result of carbohydrates entering the large intestine) considerably.

The content of Alfalfa ensures the basic supply of carotene, vitamin E and B-vitamins. The flora of the large intestine is positively supported by adding brewer‘s yeast, which is rich in B-vitamins, and ensures that your horse gets the ideal supply of these vitamins.

The necessity of a sufficient supply of B-vitamins for a horse should not be underestimated. They are especially important in stressful situations (competition season, transport, intestinal diseases, etc.). Extreme situations often result in a reduced synthesis activity which normally is responsible for the production of B-vitamins. That can cause a growth of harmful bacteria in the large intestine.

The molasses in EF PferdeMüsli makes this feed dust-free – ensuring that healthy feed tastes good, too!


Flaked maize, flaked barley, flaked wheat, Alfalfa, Wheat bran, Puffed maize, Molasses, Barley, Brewer‘s yeast

Ingredients and digestibility

Digestible Crude Protein: 78 g

Digestible Energy per kg OS: 12,2 MJ

Digestible Energy per kg DS: 13,9 MJ

Crude Protein: 11 %

Crude Fibre: 5 %

Crude Ash: 6 %

Crude Fat: 3 %

Starch content: 48 %

Sugar content: 4 %


Calcium: 1,10 %

Phosphorus: 0,40 %

Magnesium: 0,10 %

Sodium: 0,30 %

Fat soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin A: 22.200 i.E.

Vitamin D3: 2.200 i.E.

Vitamin E: 300 mg

Water soluble vitamins per kg

Vitamin B1: 4,0 mg

Vitamin B2: 5,0 mg

Vitamin B6: 4,5 mg

Vitamin B12 4,0 mcg

Pantothenic Acid: 9,0 mg

Niacin: 20 mg

Folic Acid: 2,5 mg

Vitamin C: 50 mg

Biotin: 500 mcg

Choline Chloride: 150 mg

Trace elements per kg

Iron: 125 mg

Zinc: 71 mg

Manganese: 50 mg

Copper: 15 mg

Iodine: 0,7 mg

Selenium: 0,3 mg

Amino acids

Lysine:  included

Methionine: included

Threonine: included

Feed per 100 kg live weight:

Light Work: 200 g

Moderate Work: 400 g

Hard Work: 700 g

Daily Hay Ration: 1 - 1.5 kg

Plenty of fresh drinking water that is not too cold should always be at the horse's disposal.

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