Horsemarket instructors (both show jumping and dressage) are well-known all throughout Lithuania as highly qualified specialists and appreciated by our clients, both beginners, and aspirant athletes not only from Klaipėda, but from all around Lithuania and Yekaterinburg in Russia.


Lately, we have been maintaining a beautiful friendship and strong business and sports relationship with clients from Yekaterinburg. This cooperation has been beneficial for both sides. Horsemarket has trained several athletes from beginner to a high level athlete.  Two pupils trained by coaches working in our riding centre took part in European Youth Championships representing Lithuania.

Our coaches have deep knowledge of riding and training, as well as many years of individual practice in Lithuania and Germany.  

Laimondas Skėrys has many years of experience (almost 40 years working with horses) in sports arenas, training practice, show jumping design and equestrian sports management. He became an USSR championship as a member of Lithuanian teams (when Lithuania was still in USSR).  In 1984 he became the USSR Winter Championship winner. Laimonas Skėrys used to be an international USSR class sports master. He is a double-Lithuanian champion in young horse competition. Laimonas Skėrys also won prizes and became champion in a number of various national and international competitions. Laimonas Skėrys has ten years of experience in creating show jumping courses in both national and international competitions and in international class show jumping design category. 

Daiva Čelkūnienė is a sportswoman having many years of experience in both national and international competitions in Lithuania. She has won a number of prizes in Lithuanian and international championships. She also has many years of experience in training children for dressage competitions. 

Žydrūnas Garbenis is a highly qualified show jumping coach and a professional sportsman. Every year, with different horses he has been achieving high results in various level national and international competitions. He has won several Lithuanian championships with young horses. Žydrūnas Garbenis has many years of experience in preparing horses and working in sports parks in Germany. He started his career at Axel Abhau in Germany where he spent 10 years. He achieved many victories not only in young horse but in Grand Prix class too.

Sportswomen who have been training with him (Dovilė Matulytė and Karolina Vasiliauskaitė) took part in European Youth Championships.  

Highly qualified coach for beginners. 

Riding instructor, rider assistant - Ligita Žutautaitė 

Great  show jumping coach for beginners.  


If you have any questions or want to book a lesson, give us a call:

M:  M:  +370 656 67116 (Daiva); +370 656 78089 (Vitalija); +370 635 41726 (Ligita)



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