The tapeholders have a double function: they hold the tape and you can add electricity to avoid rubbing by the horses. Packed in bags containing 10 pcs.
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TAPE HOLDER Description

Hippo Safety Fence is a modern alternative to traditional wooden post and rail fencing. It is quick and easy to set up, whether it is for a permanent or temporary purpose. The tapes comes in two colours (brown or grey) and looks just like a normal wooden fence. Unlike a wooden fence the strapping does not have sharp edges and has a very soft surface, so will not cause injuries such as cuts, splinters or heavy bruising when you or your horse come into contact with it.

HIPPO SAFETY FENCE can be used in several ways:

- alternative to post and rail fencing;
- paddock;
- horse walker;
- dressage arena;
- racecourses;
- lunging circle;
- round pen;
- extra visibility for wired fence.