Chafe & spurs protective bandage

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Superior Chafe Guard EVO - a belly bandage for your horse designed to help protect and guard from spur marks and rubs. The spur bandage is ideal for sensitive and thin skinned horses that are easily rubbed from spurs or the riders leg.

Made from high quality, elastic fabric, the Zandona chafe guard offers something many other brands don't - breathability. This is crucial as it allows the horses skin to breathe and therefore also allowing the area subjected to rubbing to regenerate and heal in optimal conditions.

The fabric is also reinforced in the area of the riders foot to increase durability and reduce wear from use, since the area is subject to continuous strains from the heel of the rider.

The belly bandage is equipped with two clips for the front of the saddle, four loops (two per side) to allow connection to every girth type and a velcro closure system for a perfect fit and to ensure the guard does not move.

Unlike many other brands, the Zandona Chafe Guard is a European brand made 100% in Italy, so quality is assured.