SOFT’UP LITE: Safety, performance, resistance and reliability for ladies and young champions

Outer branch more flexible and now customizable.
Single-branch stirrups reduced in size (footwear up to 39) designed after the SOFT’UP PRO. The SOFT’UP LITE features a new flexible outer branch which helps to free the foot in case of a fall. A removable PIN’S is attached to the mini branch to customize the SOFT’UP LITE (colors, print or flags)

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Stirrup eye: angled or straightSTIRRUP EYE: ANGLED OR STRAIGHTThe angled eye of the Soft’Up Pro and Soft’ Up Lite stirrups provides real comfort and the 45° angle makes it easy to position your foot. The straight eye of the Soft’Up Classic: the eye – set parallel to the tread – encourages the tip of the foot to turn inwards (Soft’Up Pro/ Soft’Up Classic diagram)RETURNStirrup eye: angled or straight

FLEXIBLE OUTER BRANCH # PRO FLEXIBLE OUTER BRANCH # PRODesigned to make it easier to release the foot in the event of a fall, the flexible outer branches open up under pressure from the foot.RETURNFLEXIBLE OUTER BRANCH # PRO

SINGLE-BRANCH TECHNOLOGY # PRO SINGLE-BRANCH TECHNOLOGY # PROOur many years of experience and R&D of single-branch stirrups have allowed us to identify the maximum stress that a stirrup can withstand – from impact and from fatigue. Our overmoulded, single-branch stirrups made from steel (for the Soft’Up Pro and Soft’Up Classic stirrups) or from long-fibre polyamide (Soft’Up Lite stirrups) have been developed to respond to these levels of stress. Single-branch technology reduces the strain on each stirrup by two-thirds and relieves pressure on the rider’s joints and the horse’s back.RETURNSINGLE-BRANCH TECHNOLOGY # PRO