The pretreatment spray softens scabs and barks gently. Eventually, the soaked scabs can be removed carefully without bleeding and injuring the skin. 

Application Areas:

Pastern dermatitis

Wound treatment

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A number of causative organisms like fungi, bacteria or mites can encourage the
development of pastern dermatitis. Contact with chemical, physical or microbial substances can cause inflammation and immune reactions. First signs of pastern dermatitis
are bald patches on the pastern which can be reddened, scaly, crusted or weeping. If the
disease remains untreated, the skin condition progressively worsens. The affected areas
of skin become swollen and inflamed.

"Cutargent preactive"

Anti-inflammatory, smooth itching and the faciliation of wound healing due to panthenol.
Phenoxyethanol inhibits the development of microorganisms.

Panthenol improves the skin elasticity, supports the regenration of skin cells, soothes itching and has anti-inflammatory charcteristics.

Madecassoside boosts the collagen synthesis and activates the cells regeneration of skins surface.

Microsilver has antimicrobial effects against multiresistant bacteria and germs.

Cutargent preactive – Pretreatment Spray

Aqua, urea, allantoin lactic acid, panthenol sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

Most effective to use in combination with Cutargent foam cream.