The Kentucky Horsewear Cooler Fleece Rug is the ideal rug to use after training or bathing your horse. This rug absorbs the sweat or water and makes sure that your horse doesn’t get cold in the process. It features two surcingles on the inside of the rug which are detachable so the rug can also be used as a show rug. The fancy leather piping, the artificial sheepskin on the withers and the elegant front closures offer a luxurious look to this Cooler Fleece Rug. It features two D-rings and a nylon strap to go under the tail to keep it in place.

  • Type Fleece
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Price 85.50 €
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  •  The rug sustains the washing machine at 30°, no dryer.
  • Fleece that absorbs sweat or water
  •  Keeps the horse warm and dry
  • Detachable surcingles on the inside of the rug, front closures
  • Artificial rabbit skin on the withers
  • Two D-rings with a nylon strap to go under the tail