• Two fabric layers for maximum air circulation.
  • Body layer made from soft, absorbent and strong knitted polyester net.
  • Upper lightweight mesh layer on top and lower side of the rug.
  • Super lightweight fabrics for maximum breathability.
  • Sun reflecting properties.


  • Disc-front closure with Surefit neck design.
  • Seamless design with integrated neck cover.
  • Leg arches.
  • Three straight surcingles and belly flap with velcro closures for full belly coverage.
  • Silky mane and shoulder lining to prevent rubbing.
  • Supersized tail flap with silky lining and wipe clean tail cord.
  • Type Against insect
  • Item code 649982015369
Price 145.00 €
  • Product amount in Vilnius shop: 1 unit


Insects respond differently to different colours. Interestingly, most insects cannot perceive the colour oange or aqua, because their vision centres on different sections of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a natural deterrent in itself. Our colour technology, paired with our technology is at the forefront of equine repellent technology. In addition to both of these features we have combined our first front closure system (35grm) to create a super lightweight, high tech product.