Equivent Syrup is a dark sticky syrup with essential oils made to a traditional recipe. Delivers the soothing aroma and vapours of essential oils for more ‘Air Power’.

  • Type Respiratory system
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Horses are very sensitive to airborne irritants in the environment which may cause stuffiness or congestion. When fed, Equivent Syrup remains in the horses mouth and throat delivering the soothing aromas and vapours of essential oils for more ʻAir Powerʼ.

CAUTION: The use of this product may contravene the rules of equestrian competition. The manufacturer recommends consultation with your governing body.

Equivent contains:

  • Aniseed Oil – Oil of Anise. Essential oil from the dried ripe fruit of Pimpinella Anisum. Aniseed has a distinct character and flavour which is slightly sweet and very aromatic.
  • Pine Oil – Oil of Pine Needles. Essential oil from the pine needles of Pinus Sylvestris. Pine oil has a distinct character and cool pine fragrance of the forest.
  • Peppermint Oil – Oil of Peppermint. Essential oil from the fresh flowering plant Mentha Piperita. Peppermint Oil is characterised by its cool fresh vapours of mint.

Feeding Instructions

  • Adult horses: Feed 60ml twice daily for 7 consecutive days.
  • Yearlings & ponies: Feed 30ml twice daily for 7 consecutive days.