Derbymed TendonGel promotes the regeneration of ligaments, tendons and muscles through its cooling and circulation-promoting properties.

Application Areas:

For acute inflammation of the musculoskeletal system

Treatment of local inflammatory swellings and bruises

Bruising (hematoma)
Tendinitis (tendinitis)
Tendonitis (tendovaginitis)
Muscle regeneration after intense exercise

  • Type First aid
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GEL TENDON GEL Description

Derbymed® TendonGel promotes rapid calming and supports self-healing of ligaments, tendons and muscles. The mixture of arnica, camphor, menthol and methyl relieves pain and swelling after acute trauma. By cooling and blood circulation-enhancing properties TendonGel supports regeneration of ligaments, tendons and muscles. It contains alcohol which evaporates and causes an ideal and fast cooling effect. The gel is easy to apply and is skin-friendly so that the skin does not appear irritated.

The gel is applied externally until the pathological symptoms have subsided. Applied to intact skin and massaged in. Use up to 3 times a day.
By bandaging the affected area after massaging the gel, you can the effect can be improved/intensified.

With simultaneous use with Derbymed Flexotendon supplement, the regeneration is optimally supported by tendons and ligaments.