Designed for fly traps. 2 pcs.

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FLY TRAP BAIT Description

Open the packet of bait and tip the bait into the trap. Pour water into the trap up to the marked level and stir thoroughly. The bait produces an attractant for 70% of common species of fly.
Place the trap in a safe, calm and sunny place about 5 to 10 metres from the area you wish to protect. Stand it on the ground or hang it from a tree using the wire tie provided.
As the trap fills, add water to keep the dead flies covered. When the trap is full, or every 3 weeks at least, empty it, wash it out and replace the bait. If the catch rate seems poor, move the trap to another location. For best results surround the house with a number of traps positioned 3 to 10 metres away from the building.