Bizzy Bites is an exciting new stable toy, equine teether and treat licker. The idea for Bizzy Bites was born from the recognition that there is a distinct lack of Equine specific teething products on the market. Subsequent research indicated that there is a need and demand for such a product. Inspired by baby and dog teethers, the textured wings provide an interesting surface for chewing whilst also aiding the teething process.

During the design process Bizzy Bites was developed into a multifunctional teether/stable toy that also addresses common problems faced by horse owners such as crib biting, wind sucking and box walking. Bizzy Bites is enticing to all horses and the rotating action of the wings will keep your horse entertained, whether you hang it against the wall, attach it to the door ar fence. Especialy this model is perfect to hang in corner.

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