• Bridle specially designed to avoid the pressure points on the horse's head
  • The facial crest and attachment of the face nerve are avoided because of the special shape of the noseband
  • An anatomical crown piece avoids pressure on the ear muscles
  • The extra wide crown piece distributes the pressure better and the pressure on the neck attachment muscles is minimized
  • Features gel padding on the noseband and crown piece which forms to the shape of the horse
  • With a narrow wave browband with studs
  • Throat latch is adjustable on both sides
  • Features hook studs on the cheek pieces
  • Type Bridles
  • Discipline Universal
  • Item code 8718369158653
Price 115.00 €
  • Product amount in Vilnius shop: 1 unit
  • Product amount in Klaipėdos shop: 1 unit