Make a pampeano polo belt your own, by requesting personalisation. We add subtle, blind-embossed initials onto your belt loop by hand. This attractive Argentine polo belt is handstitched with the colours of the countryside. It will arrive to you gift boxed, making it a truly special present for that hard-to-buy-for father, uncle or brother.

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Made from luxury Argentine leather, the Valiente recalls outdoor adventure, from earthy greens to neutral shades of brown.

The journey of the each belt starts with a vegetable tanning process, which has been perfected over generations of work by skilled artisans. The finest vegetable tanned leather is sought from tanneries across Argentina, and is then cut into perfectly sized bands. The edges of the belts are coloured and finished to match the colour of the leather. Using a specially created tool, the iconic pampa pattern is pressed into the leather, ready for handstitching.

Each belt taking about 5 hours to be meticulously threaded by a skilled weaver. It's a surprisingly difficult job to do well and we take great pride in employing only the best weavers for our polo belts. The quality of the thread is as important as the quality of the leather, and it is for this that we are best known. Exquisite leather, perfect thread and skilled craftsmanship all combine to give our polo belts the reputation they deserve.

Please have a look at our size chart below to see which one is best for you. We are very happy to swap sizes, regardless of when the belt was purchased, as long as it is still in perfect condition.