Horse care, hangar stables (shavings litter)*

1 month 484 EUR (with VAT)

Horse care, main stables (shavings litter)*

1 month 756,25 EUR (with VAT)

Horse care & training service**

1 month 786,50 EUR (with VAT)

Jumping / dressage training session for riders with private horses

1 time 35 EUR (with VAT)

Training of private horses

1 time 35 EUR (with VAT)

* Price includes horse care: loose box, shavings/straw and loose box maintenance, feeds, feeding;
**Price includes horse care (loose box, shavings/straw and loose box maintenance, feeds, feeding) and training. Participating in competitions - if the horse owner wants his horse to participate in competitions, the owner is responsible for covering related expenses including transportation, start fees, and any other required payments. Horse owner covers blacksmith and veterinary services on individual basis. Price combined separately by the horse needs.

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