In different countries Böckmann speaks the same horse language!

Success story which started in 1956: As the trailers are used for Böckmann's own horses, they have been subjected to constant improvement over the years. For this reason Böckmann has become the market leader for horse trailers - and one of the leading European trailer brands.

Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke GmbH has been developing horse trailers and truck superstructures of the highest quality since 1956. Handmade in Germany! You can rely on quality workmanship from top to bottom. Each individual horse truck is manufactured just for you – with a consistently high level of quality down to the smallest detail. A product needs to be good enough to meet our own requirements and those of our horses before it enters serial production. With our many years of experience in equestrian sport we have the same aims as all riders - the well-being of horses!

For more than 55 years Böckmann has been the market leader in Germany in the "supreme discipline of trailer construction" - that of horse trailers - and as one of the leading horse trailer brands in Europe. The know-how required for the design and construction of horse trailers and the successful approach of "by practitioners for practitioners" has always been applied to the development of our animal trailers. You will appreciate the solutions evolved in this manner in their daily use. Look forward to greater functionality, impressive driving characteristics, durability and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Innovation as a (family) tradition: The trailers have been improved all the time because the family use their trailers themselves. This is how Böckmann became the market leader for horse trailers – and one of the leading European trailer brands. All these developments have one thing in common: a product needs to be good enough to meet the requirements of the family and their horses before it enters serial production. Thus, Böckmann have exactly the same aim as the rest of the riding community: the well-being of the horse!

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