Long and very much awaited Animo already in Lithuania!

We don't need to speak about ANIMO, it is enough to see, touch and try to get the answers to all your questions!

Top quality, strictly manufactured only in Italy, exclusively jackets, pants and shirts from next week are waiting for your at equestrian equipment shops "All for horse & rider“ in Vilnius and Klaipėda!

Hurry up, be the first dressed in exclusive ANIMO!

The philosophy of Animo enclosed in a single page. Animo expresses the essence of the brand through simple but strong expression and thoughts.



The patented ANIMO GRIPPING SYSTEM is available in two versions. The first one is to be applied only to the inside of the knee and is the best for jumping. The second one is the FULL GRIPPING SYSTEM version, designed for dressagers, where the concerned part of the trousers is the whole inside of the leg.

The ANIMO GRIPPING SYSTEM is the completion to trousers that have become the best in the world.


Elegance is a way of being. It’s a mix of personality, taste, education, class and mystery.


Creativity is intuition, passion, talent. Creativity breaks the rules.


Be always yourself and you will find your heaven all over the world.


Fun is a serious matter. Live with fun and you will be successful!

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