Horsemarket started its activity on 2000 in Lithuania as a riding center and equestrian events organizer. Later on the first equestrian goods shop was opened and since then it has become the largest equestrian retailer in Lithuania.

Horsemarket operates with 2 shops: in Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania) and Kunkiai village (near Klaipeda) at Horsemarket riding center premises. At the same time Horsemarket owns the biggest equestrian e-shop in the Baltics with a selection of over 90 biggest equestrian brands.




Today Horsemarket is also known as the organizer of a FEI approved international equestrian event - Horsemarket Equestrian Spring/Summer Tour (HEST) - quoted by athletes and equestrian enthusiasts as the best-organized and one of the most beautiful equestrian events in Lithuania.  Horsemarket has been organizing and developing this type of events annually since 2005.


The riders working at the company have been representing Horsemarket team in riding competitions of many different levels and have been claiming high positions in show jumping and dressage events. 


Our riding coaches have trained a number of great sports horses that later were sold to equestrian sports professionals and amateur riders all over the world.

Horsemarket is also appreciated by European horse breeders (Germany). They express their trust by leaving their young and mature horses, already taking part in sports, to our coaches. For over 10 years we have been successfully collaborating with Gerd Sosath family who are among the best breeders of German Oldenburg sports horses as well as equestrian sports experts and specialists. 

Our company helped deliver many other projects related to the building of riding centres in Lithuania. We are proud to say that we contributed to the building of the show jumping stadium situated in Harmony Park (Vazgaikiemis village, Kaunas district) which is currently the best in Lithuania. We also made our contribution to many projects related to the building of equestrian centres and equipment acquisition.


Horsemarket is an official representative of Böckmann trailers for sports horse transportation and their spare parts in Lithuania.


Horsemarket team is made of specialists who are always ready to help. For many years we have maintained a good relationship built on mutual trust with our partners in various equestrian sports.


We have long-standing experience, ranging from individual experience of each coach and employee, to an overall company experience in: horse training, horse trade, horse search, contributing to various equestrian centre building projects, acquisition of Böckmann trailers and their spare pats; riding equipment and clothing retail.


We always know what to offer you, because here riders work for riders!