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Aesculap clippers - quality since 1912!

For the shearing of large animals a powerful device is required that can cut consistently, continuously and at high speed. The machine must also be light-weight and optimally balanced for easy handling and to minimize operator fatigue, and cables should not interfere with operation. Clippers should be quiet to avoid causing stress to or frightening sensitive animals.

The new battery-operated Aesculap® Econom CL and Aesculap® Econom CL equipe clippers received equal commendation across several categories at the world's largest competition for innovation in technology, sports and lifestyle – the Plus X Award .

Aesculap products were rewarded for "High Quality", "Ease of Use",”Ergonomics" and ”Best Product of 2014”.

AESCULAP is sharing a great video, where you will find useful tips for different shaving methods, video you can view here >>

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