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Horsemarket started its activities in Dargužiai village in 2000. Here in the territory of the former Soviet army, a lot of land clearing and terrain formation works were carried out, and the establishment of a stable, more precisely stables for 7 horses in the former army garage-hangar, was started.

One year later, with the help of a partner, the company built a playground and equipped the first outdoor playground. One more year later, when European Union support arrived in Lithuania, a project was prepared with the SAPARD program, financial support was provided, and in the spring of 2005, the Horsemarket team already celebrated the official opening of the newly built, modern equestrian service center and organized the first equestrian competition for this occasion to mention.

This equestrian service center was created with the goal of engaging in a well-known activity that has been planned and dreamed of for many years - care and training of horses, as well as other activities related to horse sports.

Horsemarket is also well regarded by foreign (German) horse breeders. They prove this by their trust, entrusting the training of the best young and already athletic horses they have bred to the hands of our trainers. For many years now, there has been a particularly successful cooperation with one of the best breeders of German Oldenburg sports horses, as well as great connoisseurs and specialists in horse sports - the Gerd Sosath family.

The company mediated various projects related to the construction of Lithuanian equestrian sports centers. It is a pleasure to mention that we have contributed to the construction of the currently best competition arena in Lithuania (in Vazgaikiemi, Kaunas district) belonging to the Public Harmonization Park. We also acted as mediators in many other construction and riding center equipment acquisition projects.

Horsemarket is also known as the organizer of the Lithuanian Open Dressage Championship for 12 consecutive years. Taking a new step in 2017 started organizing international competitions Horsemarket Equestrian Tour! In just a few years, this competition was recognized by foreign riders and judges.

Finally, this company is known as the supplier of the most fashionable and luxurious riding goods in Lithuania. Currently, there is a store in the Klaipėda district, and at the beginning of 2015, another premium equestrian goods store opened its doors in Vilnius.

We have many years of experience, starting with the personal experience of each trainer, each employee, and ending with the company's experience:

  • in horse training, trade, horse search;
  • in rider training;
  • mediation in the implementation of various stud construction projects;
  • in the trade of riding equipment and clothing.

We always know what to offer you, because here riders work for riders!

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